Gluten free chocolate candies with strawberry filling

Gluten free chocolate candies with strawberry filling

Bombons morango



400g culinary chocolate  Gluten Free
1 (soup spoon) milk
2 large strawberries
flower of salt
Average price: € 1.65 for 26 chocolates

Start by breaking the chocolate into pieces into a pan and take it to the double-boiler (see below). Go on stirring so the chocolate does not cling and add the milk and a pinch of sea salt (this helps enhance the flavor of the chocolate). As the chocolate melts, prepare the bonbons mold. If you do not have silicone mold/forms, you can use an ice maker couvette.
Prepare the strawberries, cut them into small pieces, which get well in the mold spaces, preferably without touching the sides or bottom.
With the melted chocolate, begins a rapid process of filling the spaces halfway with chocolate, put the piece of strawberry and fill the rest with chocolate.
Beat the forms on the counter so they are not with air bubbles and place in the refrigerator.
Bombons morango _ 2

Leave preferably overnight before unmolding. If you have difficulty in releasing the candy, even beating, put the form over water vapor and then unmold.

Cheers =)

Double-boiler: is a technique that allows warm slowly something delicate, that ought not to reach high temperatures quickly. Is generally used to melt chocolate without it burn or cling. The technique is putting a container with water at the stove and overlapping other pan with the ingredients to prepare.

Tip: Instead of strawberry you can use other fruits, fresh or dried. Note that the fruit will release the juices, which may cause the chocolates to start dripping the juice of the fruit.

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